Through The Sea Glass

Bottles which are all alike and uniform have been obnoxiously and carelessly forgotten and tossed away into the ocean. They break, losing all its familiarity and beauty. The pieces of their former self are sharp and dangerous to the touch. Violently the ocean spins it and gradually shapes it to a beautiful piece of art. All different and unique, How could something that had once been out casted and ugly now be so beautiful? Things that hurt and break us eventually turn us into something beautiful. Even prettier than the original. This can also apply to our lives; we are tossed and turned and broken only to be refined and beautiful in our own way. So no matter what's going on now in our life, if we just hold on we will be found again. This website is dedicated to love, peace, optimism and hope. Because when you look through sea glass the view is unclear and enchanting. And in life the future is unclear but we should still take the moment in and find the enchantment in life and love.


Curator’s Monday

Seth Haverkamp (USA)

Seth has had a passion for art since he was a small child; always sitting in his room and drawing. He continued with his art and graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Carson Newman College after a year each at Cleveland Institute of Art and Memphis College of Art. In 2005 he studied with internationally known artist Nelson Shanks, at Studio lncamminati. Upon leaving lncamminati he moved to northern Virginia where his career in painting really took off. Living in the Washington DC area has enabled Seth to have a number of one-man shows as well as study with renowned artist Robert Liberace. 

Along with interesting and unique still-life paintings Seth has done many commissioned portraits, but it must be said that his chief subject and love is his wife and children. They always take him to new heights of creativity and beauty. Seth was a featured artist in 200Ts American Artist Portrait Highlights publication as well as in International Artist magazine. Seth enjoys realism. He loves color and form and the drama of light and dark. As Seth says, “The meaning? It is found in beauty. At the moment, that’s enough.

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A relationship with no gender roles>
We both hustle, we both cook, we both clean, we both pay, we both spoil each other.

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